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1 more tweet b4 i sleep
Devastated Land
Let the Best Things Be
Oil & Water
ThangsgivingLESS Parade
These Iron Bars
These Wedding Rings You wear
Together Forever (Darlin' Won't You Spend Your Life With Me)
Welcome to my website. I am a multiple award-winning songwriter/lyricist. My single "Together, Forever" was published and released in 2010.

Inspired by real life, I create narrative folk style compositions with an edge. I collect ideas everywhere I go. You'll find me jotting them down in a pocket sized field notebook.

My home recording studio is on Long Island, NY; where I play piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, and vocals. I constantly work to improve the craft of writing and skills as a musician.

I became permanently disabled by Post-Polio and survived Guillain-Barre (and Polio as a child). These life changing events gave me the opportunity to follow my passion for doing the things I really love and care about. I volunteer at Make-A-Wish, to help children with life-threatening illnesses fulfill their dreams, much as I am fortunate to be able to fulfill mine through music.

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